Club Rush Success

Growth Club

Wednesday, September 23rd, University Prep returned the traditional club rush. Tables were set with physical representations of the clubs --  whether its different balls for Sports or Mr. Martinez with his Guitar for Music club, halls decorated with the student posters created by students, and -- and most importantly--  students “speed-walking” table to table trying to decide what to join. With the sole goal to build community, Club Rush allows student moderated (and teacher moderated) clubs for groups of all passions and cultures to come together as one; yet it also allows for those foreign to the passion and culture to join new clubs and experience something they have never experienced. The following clubs that UP offers are:


  • Weightlifting Club
  • Growth Club 
  • Le Badminton Club
  • Crocheting and Embroidery Club 
  • AO4E Club 
  • Digital Rhythm Club 
  • Cooking Club 
  • Anime Club 
  • Active Minds Club 
  • UPVHS Dreamers & Alliance Club 
  • Art Club 
  • Amnesty International Club 
  • Music Club 
  • Esports Club & Video Game Club 
  • Ciao Club
  • Yugioh Club 
Students looking at Clubs
Article By: Darwin Lopez
Photos By: Jeovanny Ventura